Nga Whare

Nga Whare

We value that our tamariki thrive on kaupapa that;


Nga pitoptito i hono is the full name of this awa. Ngapipito is the awa that connects the east coast to the west coast. The awa flows from the Kawiti Valley, known as Orauta. It is said that the origins of this awa flows from the lake - Omapere. 


Te Taura i Marere a Rangiriri ia Pokopoko Taniwha is the full name of this awa. Which translates as the lasso that Pokopoko Taniwha used on Rangiriri taniwha. This is our main awa from which all awa in our rohe feed into.


This awa is feed by the Pakaru ki te rangi (Pakaru rd) and the Tapuwae haruru range (Ruapekapeka rd). The awa translates as clear waters, as our ancestors would fetch water from here they could clearly see there own reflection. Our towns water is supplied from this awa.


This awa comes from  the  furthest inner part of the Waiomio valley. The awa receives its name at a point in the awa where the water meets a rock and creates a swirling motion. 


This awa is described as the biggest river that feeds Taumarere. It was the main water source for the Tuna Town Settlement in Moerewa. This river was popular for the harvesting of flax, for its strength, length and abundance.

These five awa, translate into the five koru which are found in the school emblem with Taumarere in the center. 

The outer shape represents the Kawakawa leaf, which was in abundance here in our community and was used for its healing properties.