Wearing a uniform is compulsory for all students at Kawakawa Primary School.  All students are expected to be wearing uniform within 2 weeks of enrolment.

Where to buy.

The uniform can only be purchased from the school office as all items carry the school monogram. Kawakawa Primary School uniform is not sold elsewhere.

Financial Assistance

Work and Income New Zealand may provide some families with assistance with uniform costs.

Children who come to school out of uniform are required to bring a note from their parent explaining why. Students who do not bring a note will be placed on detention.

Parents may want to consider purchasing an extra shirt for those days when students uniform gets dirty.

In the winter season (Term 2 and 3) Parents can purchase(from an outside store) for their child/children navy blue sweat pants (No marking or writing) or plain navy blue tights.


Please name all items of your child’s uniform

If your child’s uniform does NOT have his/her name attached to it in some way, it will be extremely difficult to identify. Please name every item.

School Hats - $10.00