Our Learning

Our Learning

At the end of 2014 Kawakawa Primary School  joined the Kaikohekohe Network, a cluster of schools who work together to improve student achievement in learning.

The Kaikohekohe Network focus on students learning together with their classmates, their whanau and the wider community.

Chromebooks are used as a major learning tool as they  allow students to share their learning with their whanau, friends and the world.

The Kaikohekohe Network base their use of chromebooks on the same model as Manaiakalani, a cluster of Auckland schools in the Glen Innes-Panmure area.

The benefits of belonging to a network are the sharing of knowledge and resources.

All students in Years 4 to 8 are asked to purchase a chromebook through the Kaikohekohe Education Trust. Please contact the office for information and payment options.

In Years 1 to 3 classes they have the use of ipads.