School Info

School Info


School Starts: 8.55am

Morning Session: 9.00am – 11.00am

Morning Tea: 11.00am - 11.20am

Morning Session: 11.20am – 1.00pm

Lunch:         1.00pm - 1.55pm 

Afternoon Session: 2.00pm – 3.00pm

School Finishes: 3.00pm


The Office is staffed from 8.00am-4pm daily. The school office takes all money payments for the school including lunches (Eftpos is available). The office can also assist you in establishing payment plans to prepay school expenses such as uniform and class trips and camps. Unfortunately we cannot give credit.


Regular attendance is an important factor in student achievement. We ask that the school be notified of all absences either by letter, phone  09 4040424, email

Kawakawa Primary School is part of the Rock On program in which unexplained or unjustified absences will be monitored and followed up in association with Neil Vartan the police Youth Aid Officer.  


Newsletters are published twice a term on facebook. If ou would like a hardcopy sent home please contact the office

There is limited space available for community notices if you would like to place a community notice please contact the office.

Notices to parents are also sent out as required.


We work on strengthening relationships and creating a more positive school environment which removes barriers to engagement and improves students’ chances to achieve at school and beyond.

We work towards this by the teaching and reinforcing our school values, the3R’s

1. Respect: Listen, Follow instructions/expectations, Use manners

2. Responsibility: Look after property, Be prepared, Show pride

3. Resilience: Stay positive

In essence our discipline is based on a positive view of school whereby the child is the focus of our organisation, methods and programmes, and the school is a stimulating, enjoyable experience for the child.  We seek to promote positive interaction, self discipline and to teach strategies for establishing good relationships and dealing with problems that do arise.  

In extremes of behaviour we will contact parents and caregivers where support strategies and any necessary consequences can be discussed. 


There is a regular and varied programme of school events to add to the quality of your child's school experience.  These include performers in schools, class or school visits to sites of educational and/or recreational value, outdoor education camps for all children, sports days, powhiri (welcomes) and lunchtime programs of sports and cultural activities that parents can lead or take part in. Check out the weekly newsletter for Upcoming Events.


Our school offers a number of programs catering to all students including those with special needs and abilities. These include:

More information is available on any of the above on request.


Every Friday morning the class on morning taumata shares their learning with the school in the marae.